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SVH: A Night To Remember: Part 1 (Ch. 1-3)

Growing up, I was under the magical spell which was Sweet Valley Twins. I got bored with it eventually and scanning around my library they had a copy of this hunk of literary gold. On a whim I checked it, my first SVH book, out and took it home and read it in a single sitting. Holy shit! Party raiding! Back stabbing! Big Mesa! Twin cat fights! Emo Bruce Patman complete with an extra Y chromosome! Murder! Overeager counselors! Underage drinking! Fake rape accusations!!! This book had it all and more. Only until I read the rest of the evil twin arc did I realize this series was delightfully insane, and therefore incredibly addicting. Granted, I rip on this series (and this book) a lot, because it’s just freaking ridiculous. But when you’re a teen or pre-teen, all this shit seems perfectly believable and it can either enhance or ruin your life with the simple messages conveyed. Anyhow, I love the series and hate it at the same time but granted it’s a great time waster and a lot of fun to re-read.

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